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The Spoken Wikipedia project unites volunteer readers of Wikipedia articles. Hundreds of spoken articles in multiple languages are available to users who are – for one reason or another – unable or unwilling to consume the written version of the article. We turn this speech resource into a time-aligned corpus, making it accessible for research and to foster new ways of interacting with the material.

I've lead the initiative to turn the Spoken Wikipedia into a well-formed corpus, that presently is the largest collection of freely licensed German and Dutch speech (with >400h per language). We've since used the corpus to analyze the prosody-syntax interface with more data than ever before.

All details and recent developments about the corpus are available at its dedicated webpage; code can be found on bitbucket.

The data is persistently available at doi:10.25592/uhhfdm.1875.


  • Arne Köhn (collaborator and co-lead)
  • Felix Hennig (research student)
  • Florian Stegen, Marcel Rohde, Oskar Dörfler (students who graduated about SWC topics)
  • Siva Meenakshi Renganathan (intern)
  • Jonathan Werner, Paul Bienkowski, Florian Stegen, Tim Dobert (students in project on long audio alignment)

Related Publications:

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Related Outreach Activities:

  • "Die gesprochene Wikipedia hilft und profitiert von freier Sprachtechnologie", Talk at WikiCon 2016, the annual Wikipedia meeting of the German-speaking Wikipedia, Stuttgart, 2016-09-17. Participation funded by Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.


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