Timo Baumann

Prof. Dr. Timo Baumann, Diplom-Informatiker

Professor in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing at the School for CS and Maths at OTH Regensburg.

I research spoken language, in particular in interactive and multi-modal scenarios, such as in spoken dialogue systems. My particular interests lie in responsiveness in interaction and I have been one of the main drivers of incremental spoken dialogue systems. Beyond that, I create and use corpora of spoken language, such as the Spoken Wikipedia Corpus. I like difficult problems, which is why I work on prosody, and even prosody of post-modern poetry, and more recently multi-modal lip-synchronous dubbing. Feel free to have a look at my recent projects.

Recent News:

  • 2022-10: Hear me chat on the Science Bench at Regensburg's Nacht.Schafft.Wissen.
  • 2022-08: Congratulations Shravan, Christian and Debjoy! Our detailed analysis of SyncNet for audio-visual translation will appear at ICMI!
  • 2022-07: Congratulations go out to Christian Schuler and Dominik Hauser, who's DDLitLab project on an experiment toolkit for video manipulation and human perception evaluations was accepted. I hope that I can be a good mentor for the project which is a follow-up from Christian's Bachelor's thesis.
  • 2022-07: My colleague Sebastian Fischer and I have been awarded the OTH Regensburg prize "InnovativeLehre@OTH", nice! We'll work with student assistants to advance software-engineering self tests (that go beyond checking the functionality but also check for coding style) into Moodle and our programming 101 classes.
  • 2022-06: Congratulations to Matthias Melzer, who's work (joint with Jan Dünnweber) on interpreting smart home data with NLP methods is getting published at IEEE SmartIoT 2022.
  • 2022-04: Congratulations Debjoy and Shravan! Our paper on a multi-modal corpus of 16 years of Angela Merkel podcasts will appear at LREC (and is already available on arXiv). → Saha et al. (2022)
  • 2022-03: Congratulations to Anna Windbühler, who's MSc-work in ML was not only very thorough and successful but also leads to a publication in the conference on Engineering in Medicine and Biology (EMBC). → Windb\"uhler et al. (2022)
  • 2022-02: Welcome OTH Regensburg! You can now reach me at firstname.lastnameÄToth-regensburg.de.
  • 2022-01: Welcome Preetika, our newest (remote) intern to work on multi-modal speech processing, particularly focusing on listener behaviours.
  • 2021-12: I have accepted an offer from OTH Regensburg to become their new professor for AI and NLP starting in February. Hooray!
  • 2021-11: I'll give a keynote at ESSV'22. I'm very much looking forward to meeting you in Sønderborg the virtual world!
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To reach me, try:

  • mail: timo.baumannÄŦoth-regensburg.de
  • for issues related to UHH: baumannÄŦinformatik.uni-hamburg.de
  • skype: timobaumann
  • tel: I'm in home office; please send an e-mail.
  • snail mail:
   OTH Regensburg, Fakultät für Informatik und Mathematik
   Prof. Dr. Timo Baumann
   Galgenbergstraße 32
   93053 Regensburg

  • consultation hours: please make an appointment by e-mail (see above)

I do speech science and technology consulting. Feel free to contact me at mail@firstnamelastnamewithoutseparation.de .

Former appointments:

Acting professor for machine learning at the Department of Informatics at Universität Hamburg, Systems Scientist at the Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University; researcher and instructor in speech processing at Universität Hamburg (LT and NatS); research assistant at Bielefeld and Potsdam Universities before that. Various short-term appointments and free-lancing work with industry partners.


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