Speech Quality

In this project, I research the quality(ies?) and likability of speech as found in a wide range of (crowd-sourced) read speech from the Spoken Wikipedia corpus. Automatic speech likability assessment may help people improve their perceptual speech characteristics to reach their communicative goals more effectively.

If you feel like it (and you speak German), please help our research by rating a few examples.

Related Publications:

  • upcoming chapter in Springer book on the attractiveness of voices
  • Timo Baumann (2018).
    "Learning to Determine Who is the Better Speaker".
    in: Proceedings of Speech Prosody. Poznán, Poland.
    DOI, pdf, bibtex
  • Timo Baumann (2017).
    "Large-scale Speaker Ranking from Crowdsourced Pairwise Listener Ratings".
    in: Proceedings of Interspeech. Stockholm, Sweden.
    DOI, pdf, poster, data, bibtex


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