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1998-11-10, English class. Mrs. Rautenberg is talking, everybody else now, too. We are going to write a story, so let me think... I am happy today and I donot even have a reason for it. Still talking, but now it is groing quiet. I wonder what would happern, or better: how we would react if something unusual happened.

A pencilcase just fell down and someone laughed. You know this dragon in one of the TV-ads for Vivimed? He is green - I think it was in that commercial. Anyway, if he walked in the door it would be funny. What's-his-name just walked in, he is late. Mrs. Rautenberg tells him what to do. I wonder if the dragon will fit through the door. He might burn it away - it is made of wood.

The dragon would say "Hey, you want some Vivimed?" - or whatever it was called he was trying to sell and we would not say a word, we are writing. Except for Mrs. Rautenberg: she is walking around and drinking coffee, now she talks again. "No, coffee and Vivimed does not go together very well, I am sorry Mr. Dragon." - "Oh well, mind if I look around?" She writes and she looks up thinking. Turning around the pages, I see him in my mind, walking from one of us over to the next, reading what we write. He could sneeze. Then, something could be on fire, the whole school could burn down and nobody would know, because everybody thinks it is just false alarm when the alarm sounds. This paper would burn, too. And nobody cares, we are all still writing.

What a dumb story. Now Cartman walks in. He curses to hell - this does remind me of a song I know, but anyway... - and eats Cheesy-Poofs. Oh well. A little brother flies through the window on one side of the room. The window is broken now, Mr. Meyer is going to be angry with Mrs. Rg., she should not make us write stories while windows are destroyed. He - the brother - leaves us through a window on the other side of the room; it is also broken. Cartman screams: "Kick the baby!!" Stan pukes, what is his problem?

Mr. Meyer walks in: "Mrs. Rautenberg! The whole fxxxing school is burned down, the windows are broken, the door is gone, - now it was shortly opened - puke all around and you are just writing stories?" She writes, her coffee-cup next to her. It is black with a white sign on it. I like the ones better that are white with a black sign, but most likely you can see the rests of coffee and maybe other dirt in them more easily than in the black ones.

A book fell. People laugh; people talk. Cartman fuzzes, Stan stops puking: she is gone. A scream, what happened now? The bell sounded a while ago, maybe the school is on fire.

Meyer: "so, what now?"
Stan: "We could ask the chef!"
Cartman: "Burp!"
I: "What is going on?"
Kjell: looks around; Sabrina eats.
Someone walks in.
Chef: "Oh yeah! Now why did you do this, kids?"
Dragon: "I ain't a kid an' I ain't done nuttin."
Chef: "Ok, let me just tell you... - ... looking at Mrs. Rg.: "sing you a song."
Stan: "Oh no!"

Kenny dies, the fire got him, does our school have rats and mice besides the ones in the petting-zoo?

Chef: "I am gonna rock you slowly baby..."
Cartman: "My mother is not my real mother, I know who my dad is, who is my mother?"
Stan: "I think the policeman has undergone a sex-change."
Dragon to Chef: "You want a Vivimed after so much spicy cooking? I bet you can sing even better after that."
Chef: "...slowly we're gonna fly..."
Matthias: "Done yet?"
I thinking: "No, still got ideas."
Others are talking, too.
Chef: "...fly to the top of the mountains, fly to the sun and the stars..."
Mrs. Rg.: "Ok, all right, time's up. Let's stop NOW."